Integrating Microsoft Dynamics

To integrate Microsoft Dynamics in Nubitalk you must complete the following steps:

  1. Install and Configure the Microsoft Dynamics solution
  2. Configure Nubitalk campaigns to use Microsft Dynamics
Note: The following instructions assume you have a Microsoft Dynamics CRM instance running, along with an administrator user configured. 

Installing and Configuring the Microsoft Dynamics solution 

In order to complete the installation and configuration of the Microsoft Dynamics module follow the following instructions. 

To install the Microsoft Dynamics solution:

  1. Access the Nubitalk webportal
  2. Go to Support>Downloads and click to download the Microsoft Dynamics Managed Solution
  3. Go to your into your Dynamics CRM instance
  4. Go to Settings >Customization >Solutions 

  5. In All Solutions view, select Import and then select the file you have downloaded from Nubitalk Portal.
  6. Install the solution and wait for the process to complete. 


To configure the Microsoft Dynamics solution:

  1. Go to your into your Dynamics CRM instance
  2. Go to Settings >Extensions >OneContact Click-2-Dial Configuration

  3. Add a new record and fill in the fields OneContact Instance and OneContactURL accordingly:

    - OneContact Instance  - Tenant/Company name in Nubitalk
    - OneContactURL – 

  4. Associate your OneContact ID with the Dynamics user. To do it:
    1. Go to Settings -> System ->Security
    2. The OneContact ID corresponds to the agents emails/usernames that you define in Nubitalk when configuring agents.
      In order to create a connection between an agent and a Dynamics user, you have to edit a user and assign the OneContact ID you have defined in Nubitalk:


All installation and configurations are now complete on Microsoft Dynamics side. Now you have to configure the Nubitalk campaigns to use Microsoft Dynamics. 

Configuring Nubitalk campaigns to use Microsoft Dynamics

To configure a campaign to use Microsoft Dynamics, do the following:

  1. Create or Edit a campaign in your Nubitalk portal
  2. Configure or edit the campaign details, as you desire, until the Agent Script step
  3. In the Agent Script step, select Microsoft Dynamics and then fill in the fields with the information collected in the previous steps, as explained in the following example:

  4. After you have filled all the Agent Script fields, click in the Summary button.


After you have completed the steps above, whenever you have an interaction in OneAgentWeb, the agent script area:


In the agent script area you will be able to see a small subset of information related with the contact or lead looked up automatically in your Microsoft Dynamics instance. If no contact or lead was found you can click on the link in order to create a new contact.

Upon clicking Open Dynamics, a new window will open with the following screen: 

A Phone Call activity is also automatically associated with the Contact. The Phone Call will changed to completed as soon as the Agent Script tab is closed. A supervisor or system administrator can later listen to the audio recording of the interaction between the agent and the client in Microsoft Dynamics Instance.

Congratulations ! Your integration with Nubitalk is complete! 

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