Contact Management and Execution

Contacts are the most important input of your outbound campaigns. It's those contacts that will result in business for you and it's important that you can get in touch with the most amount of contacts you can.

To do it, after you have created your Outbound Campaign you must first Import contacts to an Outbound campaign and then, Execute those contacts.


Importing contacts

To import contacts for a selected campaign, you need to:

  1. Go to your Outbound Campaign list and select the campaign to which you want to import contacts.
  2. In the column Actions of your campaign, click contact_management.png to open the Contact management window:

  3. Click in csv.pngortxt.pngto download the desired template file. After the download is complete, open the template file.
  4. To fill in the contact template file, depending on the template you are using, please mind the follow:
    • In the CSV you must:
      1. Before filling in any field Format the CSV cells to Text.
      2. Fill in all contact details. If you have created metadata, you must fill in all columns that have metadata, in the CSV file.
      3. Save the file, by clicking in Save As... and selecting the file format as CSV (comma delimited). Do not use Save instead of Save As...
        Warning: any other CSV format (e.g. Macintosh, etc.) or TXT will be misinterpreted by Nubitalk, resulting in an error during contact import.
    •  In the TXT you must:
      1. Fill in the contact details. If you have created metadata you need to separate the contact fields with ;. If you don't separate them with semicolon you will get an error during contact import.
      2. To create a new contact you must click enter to go to a new line. Each line is a different contact

        Warning: Always click Enter after the last inserted contact, even in the last contact of your list. Not doing it will be misinterpreted by Nubitalk, resulting in an error during contact import.
      3. Save the file, after filling it with all contacts.

  5. Back in the Nubitalk portal, click in import.pngto browse for the template file and import the Contact List.
  6. Browse for the file, click Ok to confirm the selected file. The Contact List will upload to the Nubitalk.


Executing Contacts

When a contact list is successfully imported to Nubitalk, the contact execution will start immediately. A progression bar will be displayed:


Also, if you select the contact list the panel on the right will show you a downloadable graphic with the contact state evolution.

In the Contact List execution you can:

  • Stop/play or Pause the contact execution, by clicking in the stop, play or pause icons.
  • Export the contact List.
  • Delete the contact list. To delete you need to stop the contact execution first.


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