Voice + Front-end menu (IVR) campaign

Voice + Front-end menu (IVR) campaigns are inbound campaigns that give a menu option to clients, before direct them to a inbound service. To add a voice + Front-end menu campaign, you need to go through the Inbound Campaign wizard:


1. Inbound Campaign - type

In the first step of the wizard, you need to select a campaign type. Select Voice and the Front-end menu (IVR), then click next.



2. Inbound Campaign - basic information

Fill in the campaign basic information:

  • Name - type the campaign desired name

3. Phone Number (DDI) - direct dial-in

Add a Phone Number to your inbound campaign. To do it:

  1. Click in under Phone Number (DDI). A dialog will open
  2. The dialog window will display the available Phone Numbers:

  3. Click to add the desired number to your campaign
  4. The wizard will now be updated with the selected phone number. If you want an Outgoing Number repeat these steps in the Outgoing Number field.
  5. Click next to proceed.


4. Schedule - campaign work schedule

Here you can schedule the working hours of your campaign. Depending on your time zone you might have exception days and weekends predefined. To change the schedule of your campaign configure the following and then click next:

  • Select the from field and type the desired hour, from which you want your campaign to be available.
  • Select the to field and type the desired hour, from which you campaign will not be available.
  • If you want a 24h campaign, check All day.

5. In-Schedule Actions - work routing action

Define the actions to be performed when a client selects a menu option. To do it:

  1. Click on one of the pad numbers. A dialog will open:

    1. Insert a manual number or select one of the available numbers/campaigns.
    2. Click to assign it to the menu key.

The key will be shown as assigned to the number/campaign you selected:


6. Off-Schedule Actions - off-work action

Define the action to be performed when someone calls outside of your working hours. Select one of the following, an then, click next:

  • Deliver - Select if you want to deliver the calls to someone within your organization. To select to whom the calls will be delivered just click . A dialog will open where you can insert manually or search for a contact from your numbers. To add the number as the deliver number and close the dialog, click .
  • Reject - Select to reject the calls outside working hours. In the next step you configure a rejection message to your callers.

7. Schedule Messages - audio messages

In a menu campaign you can have several audio messages:

  • In-Schedule Greeting (optional) - an optional message that welcomes a caller to your service.
  • Voice Menu Prompt - a mandatory message that explains all the existing menu options.
  • Off-Schedule Greeting (optional) - an optional message that indicates, to a caller, that he is calling outside of your campaign working hours.

To add an audio message:

  • Create a text to speech, by clicking in Text To Speech. A dialog will pop up where you can type you message and select the used voice.
  • Upload an audio message by clicking in Upload. A dialog will pop up where you can browse and add a .MP3/.WAV file.

    You can always preview the audio clip, by clicking in Play.

8. Blocked Lists - associate blocked lists

Associate blocked lists to the campaign. To do it, drag and drop the desired blocked lists from Available to Assigned.

9. Confirmation

Confirm all the configurations and click submit to add the campaign.

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