Email campaign

Email campaigns are inbound campaigns that allow your call center to send and receive emails to/from your clients. To add an email campaign, you need to go through the Inbound Campaign wizard:


1. Inbound Campaign - type

In the first step of the wizard, you need to select a campaign type. Select Email Campaign, then click next.



2. Inbound Campaign - basic information

Fill in the campaign basic information:

  • Name - type the campaign desired name.
  • Description - write a description for the campaign in order to make it easier to distinguish email campaigns.
  • Acceptable Waiting Time for Callers - Define, in seconds, the amount of time that is reasonable for a caller to wait until is message is answered by an Agent. This parameter will affect the Service Level calculation.
  • Service priority - Select, from the drop-down, the priority of this campaign.
  • Email address - Define the campaign email address.
  • Forward a copy of customers message to - insert an alternative email that will store all received emails from your customers. This way, you will have a backup of all exchanged emails during the campaign.


3. Agent Script - script & wrapup

Configure the Agent Script and Wrap Up time, then click next:

  • Agent WrapUp Timeout - Define, in seconds, the amount of time that an agent have to perform post interaction activities, before being ready to take a new interaction.
  • Screen Pop Application - Select, the type of Agent Scrip you want to have. If you want a CRM application, you can select between Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, or Collab's Customer Interaction Hub.
    • Custom URL - If you selected Custom URL in the Screen Pop Application you can edit the URL that will automatically open in the Agent Script area of OneAgentWeb.

4. Message - automatic acknowledgement

If you want, write an Automatic Acknowledgment message greeting. To do it:

  • Create a text message speech, by clicking in Text Message. A dialog will pop up where you can type you message and select the used voice:

    1. Type the desired message.
    2. Click save to save the new message.

5. Business Outcome - associate outcomes

Add or assign business outcomes to your campaign. All the existing business outcomes will be listed in Available.

  • Assigning Business Outcomes - to assign business outcomes, select the desired Business Outcomes from Available and drag and drop them in Assigned.
  • Adding a Business Outcome -  to add a business outcome, click . A dialog will open:

    • Fill in the name of the new Business Outcome
    • Check for a success Business Outcome, or leave it unchecked for unsuccessful business outcome
    • Click +add

Note: The business outcome will be added to the assigned business outcomes immediately and will be available for all other campaigns.

6. Agents - associate agents

Associate agents to the campaign. To do it, drag and drop the desired agents from Available to Assigned

7. Teams - associate teams

Associate teams to the campaign. To do it, drag and drop the desired teams from Available to Assigned.


8. Confirmation

Confirm all the configurations and click submit to add the campaign.

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