Configuring the Call Center

In the configurations screen you are able to configure certain universal parameters that are used across the call center.

You can configure:

To be able to configure these parameters:

  1. From the portal home page, click manage.
  2. Inside the manage page, click configurations:

  3. The configurations screen will appear. To configure any of the items, click on its tab, make the changes, and in the end, click save.


Not Ready Reasons

Not ready reasons are reasons that an agent can select when he puts himself not ready on a campaign or in all campaigns he is assigned to. In the Not Ready Reasons tab you will find two default reasons, break and lunch, and you can add new reasons:


To add a new Not Ready Reason:    

  1. Type the desired reason in the Add not ready reason... text-box.
  2. Click in +add to add the reason to your list.

To remove a Not Ready Reason:

  1. Click in the right next to the reason you want to remove from your list.
Note: You cannot delete the default reasons.


Outgoing Number

The outgoing number will define the number that will be used in any call made from the call center to a customer.  To define the number:

  1. Click in . A dialog will open.
  2. Check the available numbers and click to add the selected number as your outgoing number.
  3. The outgoing number screen will show your selection:



Define the system timezone(s) that will be used in reporting. You can have several timezones and see the reports for any of them. All the reporting will be shown first to the default timezone.

Note: Every time you add a new timezone the reports for it will be only available after 24 hours.



To add a new timezone:

  1. Select a timezone from the drop down menu.
  2. Click + Add... 

The timezone will be added to your list. To make it the Default timezone, click in the Default radio button, right next to the timezone.

To delete a timezone:

  1. Select, from the list the timezone you want to delete.
  2. Click x in the Delete column.

Blocked Lists

Blocked lists are lists of number that cannot contact your call center, in inbound campaigns, or that are not contacted by your call center in outbound campaigns.

To add a new blocked list:

  1. Type the desired name in the Name column.
  2. Type a description for the blocked list, in the Description column. This field is optional.
  3. Click +Add to add the new blocked list.
  4. Save all changes by clicking in save.


To upload contacts to a blocked list:

  1. Click in the  button, right next to the list to which you want to upload the contacts. A dialog will open.
  2. In the dialog, click in to download a .CSV with an example of blocked numbers.
  3. Open the .CSV file and edit the dummy numbers and add the new numbers in the existing format:
    Column A - Number|Column B - Type.
  4. After you edited the .CSV file, go back to the portal and click . Browse for the file and click open.
  5. In the dialog screen you will have the added file and a error report on the file. If everything is ok, click Upload to upload your contacts to your blocked list.

Exception Days

Exception days are special days where your contact center will not work. These, days, such as bank holidays or other holidays, must be scheduled in advance, in order for the campaign working hours work properly on these days. In the Exception Days you can add or remove days from the exception days list:


To add an exception day:

  1. Click in . A dialog with a calendar will open:

  2. Select the exception day you want to add from the calendar.
  3. Click in + Add to add the new exception day to your list.


To delete an exception day:

  1. Select from the exception days list, the day you want to delete.
  2. Click in x in the Delete column:



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