Accessing Nubitalk from your own portal

If you want to access Nubitalk from your own portal, there are two ways to achieve it:


Domain redirection

You can use your own website to provide access to Nubitalk. With the right permissions, accessing any given URL (such as will have the same behavior of accessing itself.

If you want to use your own domain to open Nubitalk, you'll need to add a Canonical Name (CNAME) record pointing to on your domain server. It will look like this:


To do this, you have to:

  1. Write in the Canonical Name field. (some providers require the final dot).
  2. Write your portal URL on the Host field.
  3. Confirm to end the process.


Warning: Keep in mind that you need a valid SSL certificate for the domain you want to redirect and that SSL certificate must be installed in our servers. The certificate should be in PFX format and must have the private key included.
 Tip: This operation requires some expertise. If you're not sure on how to proceed, please contact your system administrator.



Include Nubitalk portal in your own page

There are some cases where a reseller might want to include the Nubitalk portal inside its own portal.

In that case, the following URL must be opened or invoked from his portal:


There are some optional parameters that can be passed in the query string:

  • Rs (Reseller ID): The reseller's ID to display his own branding logo. (contact Collab to get this ID).
  • Redirect: The URL encoded address to where to redirect when clicking the close option on the login modal.
  • LogoutURL: The URL encoded address to where to redirect when the user logs out from the Nubitalk portal.




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