Integration with Sugar CRM: Use cases

We'll now take a look at some use case scenarios where Sugar CRM integrates with OneContact. In this article you can see:



  1. Login in OneAgent with the agent credentials:

  2. Use the CRM credentials to login SugarCRM. You'll see Sugar in the home tab. 

    Note: Home Tab is always available for the agent, while each session will open new Sugar tabs with call context information.
    To change the size relation between sidebar and home tab:
    1. Click on the upper right corner of the screen, on the agent name.
    2. Click on Settings.
    3. Click on Display.
    4. Select Slim.
    5. Click on the cross, on the upper right corner of the screen to apply the changes.
      agent_settings_01.png agent_settings_02.png

      Tip: You can hide the browser toolbar, by pressing F11. 

Incoming calls

In an incoming call scenario, the customer calls the contact center and the agent receives the call.

When receiving the call, Sugar CRM opens the customer profile, based on the customer calling number.

The agent can:

  • Browse the customer information
  • Listen to previous recorded calls
  • See details on agent interactions:



Tip: You can put the customer on hold to hear previous conversations.

Here you can see the information during a call and the access to previous sessions: call.png


The Business Outcome is shown alongside the interaction's recording link:


Note: Business Outcomes can be set either on Sugar CRM or on  OneAgentWeb.


Facebook posts

When dealing with Facebook posts, the screen is split in two:


The agent can:

  • Like the customer's post
  • Comment the customer's post




Facebook chat

When dealing with a Facebook chat, the messenger has a bot prepared to answer simple questions and then forward the chat interaction to the contact center to be handled by an agent:



The agent has access to the previous dialog between customer and bot. This allows the agent to start chatting with full knowledge of the information the customer has previously given:



The chat is similar to Facebook's chat allowing the same operations.

In the image above you can see where the agent started chatting and the previous bot chat with the customer that the agent has access to.

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