In this page you'll find the most common situations our Clients face concerning the normal function of Nubitalk:

Why can’t my agents login?



Why are my calls being rejected on Queue?



Why can’t I receive calls in OneAgent?

  • Check the network indicators status to see if your computer is connected to the internet.



Why can't I hear although a call has been made?

  • Check the open ports on your firewall. They must be opened for PBX and Contact Center.



I am logged in into the OneAgent Web and I can receive chat sessions but not Audio/Video.

  • Check if the browser has the required permissions to access the camera/microphone.



How can an agent receive multi-sessions?

  • Check the professional licensing as well as accessing the shelf and queue to pick-up multiple interactions.



Do you have a mobile app?

  • There's Nubitalk, for office phone extension's login; OneAgent, for agent's login and OneSupervisorMobile for Call Center supervision. Currently, there's no mobile app to replace Nubitalk portal.



How do I change my external number of my office phone extension?


Why are voice campaigns my only option?



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