Integrate a Click-To-Interact Widget in your website

You can add a Click-To-Interact Widget to your site, from any Audio, Video or Chat campaign. This way your customers can have a easier way to contact your call center. To do it:

  1. Create an Audio, Video or Chat campaign.
  2. In the Inbound campaign list, expand the campaign to which you want to create the widget, by clicking in :

  3. Click in customize in Integrate Click-To-Interact Widget in your website. A dialog will open:

    1. Fill in the desired Header title.
    2. Define the widget colors.
    3. Click preview widget to preview how the widget will look on your website:

    4. If everything is ok, click generate snippet. The widget code will appear:

    5. Click copy to copy the code and then paste it on your own website, before the closure of your site html body tag.

Warning: If you click out the dialog or the preview window, while you are customizing a widget, all changes will be lost.
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