Integrating SalesForce

To integrate Salesforce with Nubitalk you must complete the following steps:

  1. Add OneAgentWeb to your Salesforce instance
  2. Create a Connect App in Salesforce
  3. Get a Salesforce security token
  4. Configure a Nubitalk campaign with Salesforce


Warning: Salesforce integration with Nubitalk is only available for Nubitalk Professional users.


Adding OneAgentWeb to your Salesforce instance

To add OneAgentWeb to your Salesforce instance:

  1. In the Nubitalk portal, go to manage > integrations > salesforce
  2. In the Salesforce "Global" Integration dialog, click in here to download the definition file:


  3. Login in your Salesforce instance as Administrator.
  4. Click in Setup.


  5. In the navigation tree, go to Build > Customize > Call Center and click in Call Centers


  6. In the Call Centers page, click in Import file, select the file you downloaded from the Nubitalk portal and upload it:


  7. After importing the definition file, Click in Nubitalk:


  8. Inside the call center details, click on Manage Call Center Users:


  9. Search for users and then add the users that you want to use OneAgentWeb, by checking the user and then clicking in Add to Call Center:



Warning: You can only add users to your Call Center that are already Salesforce users. If you are adding a new user, you must create the user in Salesforce before adding them to the Call Center. 

Creating a Connect App in Salesforce

To create a Connect App in Salesforce, proceed as follow:

  1. Login in your Salesforce instance as an Administrator
  2. Click in Setup.


  3. In the navigation tree, go to Build > Create > Apps


  4. On the Apps screen, Connected Apps section, click New:

  5. The Connected App creation page will appear. Fill in with:
    1. The desired Connected App name.
    2. The email address.
    3. Check Enable OAuth Settings:
      1. Insert the callback URL:
      2. Select Access and manage your data (api) and click Add to add it to the Selected OAuth Scopes.
    4. Click Save to create the new Connected App.


  6. Back in the Connected Apps section, click in your connected app name to open its details:


  7. Save the Consumer Key and the Consumer Secret. They will be used in the campaign configuration.


Getting a Salesforce security token 

To get a Salesforce security token:

Note: If you already know your personal Security Token, skip this process.
  1. Click on your username and select Settings
  2. On the navigation tree, go to Personal > Reset My Security Token.
  3. Click in Reset Security Token.


  4. You will receive the new security token via e-mail.


Configuring a Nubitalk campaign with Salesforce 

At this point you have completed all necessary steps to integrate Salesforce in your Nubitalk Campaigns (Inbound or Outbound). To do it:

  1. Create or Edit a campaign in your Nubitalk portal
  2. Configure or edit the campaign details, as you desire, until the Agent Script step
  3. In the Agent Script step, select Salesforce in the Screen Pop Application. Fill in the fields with the information collected in the previous steps:
    1. Salesforce username and password
    2. ConnectApp key
    3. ConnectApp secret
    4. Security Token


  4. After you have filled all the Agent Script fields, proceed with the campaign creation/editing. 
Tip: After you have configured your first campaign, using Salesforce, every campaign that you create or edit using Salesforce will have these parameters auto filled.
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