Configuring the Office Phone

In the configurations screen you are able to configure certain universal parameters that are used across the Office Phone.

You can configure:

To be able to configure these parameters:

  1. From the portal home page, click manage.
  2. Inside the manage page, click configurations:


  3. The configurations screen will appear. To configure the item, make the changes, and in the end, click save.


Define the system timezone(s) that will be used in reporting. You can have several timezones and see the reports for any of them. All the reporting will be shown first to the default timezone.

Note: Every time you add a new timezone the reports for it will be only available after 24 hours.



To add a new timezone:

  1. Select a timezone from the drop down menu.
  2. Click + Add... 

The timezone will be added to your list. To make it the Default timezone, click in the Default radio button, right next to the timezone.

To delete a timezone:

  1. Select, from the list the timezone you want to delete.
  2. Click x in the Delete column.
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