Custom Integration

If you want to integrate Nubitalk with a non supported 3rd-party, you have access to the following Agent Script parameters, that you need to map with your software:

  • UseHomeTab - Indicates if the agent's console should exhibit a Home Tab that groups different sessions into one context where a web application is opened
  • ServiceURL - Script address that will be opened when the call is delivered to the agent
  • AgentSessionID - When a session is distributed to a specific agent, an AgentSession is created. An AgentSession is an agent’s point of view over a session. Agent session ID is the unique identification number of the session in course
  • AgentID - Agent’s unique identification number
  • AgentName - Identifies a specific unique and identifiable individual Agent
  • ServiceID - Service unique identification number
  • ServiceName - Identifies a specific unique and identifiable Service
  • From - Indicates the caller’s origin
  • To - Determines the receiver’s number
  • ContactID - Contact ID is the unique identification number of a customer. It is only used on outbound services
  • SessionID - Sessions are the basic unit of work distribution to contact center agents. They are aggregators for data and interactions. Session ID stands for the unique session identification.
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