Nubitalk Portal, December 27, 2017

Release Date

December 27, 2017



  • Add cyclic retry count to hunting group configuration
  • Webportal redirect reseller customization
  • Create tenants without Call Center functionality
  • New extension type '3rd party softphone'
  • Import office phone extensions using a file
  • New hunting group field to specify call routing on 'busy'
  • Show Auto-attendant menu delivery extension names in configuration summary
  • Add media release information to admin extension list


Fixed Issues

  • The GSM Contact country code in an extension should be the users country when it's not specified
  • "Cyclic" option should be hidden when "All the same time" option is selected in Office Phone groups configuration
  • Not possible to download Call Center recordings
  • Not possible to deactivate convergent extensions
  • Exceptions days date picker is not in the correct language
  • In Call center configuration, the calendar just appears in Portuguese
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