Managing Auto Attendant

Auto Attendants enable you to 

In the Nubitalk portal you can:


Adding extensions

To add an extension:

  1. In the Nubitalk homepage, click in manage

  2. Inside Manage, click auto attendant


  3. An auto attendant list will open, click to add a new auto attendant
  4. An auto attendant wizard with multiple steps will open. Complete the wizard to create an Auto Attendant.


Editing extensions

To edit an extension: 

  1. Go to your AutoAttendant list.
  2. The existing extensions will appear:


  3. Click , under Actions, to edit the selected auto attendant. The auto attendant wizard will open.
  4. Select the field you want to edit by clicking in the corresponding step:
  5. Edit the field and then click submit to commit your changes.

Deleting auto attendants

To delete an auto attendant:

  1. Go to your auto attendants list, as explained in the adding teams topic
  2. The existing auto attendants will appear
  3. Click , under Actions, to delete the selected auto attendant
  4. A confirmation pop-up will appear:
  5. Click delete to confirm the deletion.
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