Agents reports

In the agents reports area, you can see reports by agent or for all agents. In here you can see:


Agent report list - Overview

The agent report list is available through:

  1. In the Nubitalk main window, click reports.
  2. Click agents under the call center section:


  3. The agent report list will open:


  4. To define a report criteria you can combine any of the following criterion:
    • Select a Start date from the calendar.
    • Select an End date from the calendar.
    • Select a specific timezone from the drop-down.
    • Select a specific campaign form the drop-down.
    • Select a specific team from the drop-down.
    • Search for any term in the free search box.
  5. In the overview you have information about All Agents or specific Agents, for the following fields:
    • Name - The agent name.
      Note that the first row of the list shows information for all agents.
    • AHI - Average Handled Interactions - The average number of interactions handled by the agent in all campaigns that he is assigned to.
    • AST - Average Service Time - The average duration of the interactions handled by the agent in all campaigns that he is assigned to.
    • AAT - Average Available Time - The average time that an agent is ready and available to receive interactions.
    • ANR - Average Not Ready Time - The average time that an agent is logged but not ready to receive interactions.
    • Export - In the export section you have 3 different exporting options for your reports:


Agent report list - Detailed report view

In the Agent report list you can have access to a report detailed view. To do it:

  1. In the Agent Report List, click detailed.png right next to the Agent Name to which you want to see the report.
  2. A detailed report will appear, for the selected Agent or for All Agents, depending on your selection:


  3. In here you have graphical representation of the reporting data. In here you can:
    • Click on the desired criterion. A dialog will open.
    • Select the Agent, Service or Team you want to filter by.
    • Click in Apply Filter.
    • Filter by Agent, Service or Team. To do it:
    • Select between a line graph or a bar graph.
    • Select between average, max or total values for your graphs.
    • Compare data from different dates or time windows.
    • Select if you want to see data referring to:
      • Interactions - Shows data referring the interactions regarding the interaction state. In here you will find how many calls were AbandonedHandled, Rejected, Transferred and Offered by/to an Agent.
      • Interactions Time - Shows data referring the interaction times. In here you will find how many time an interaction was AlertingOn Hold, In Preview, In talk and in Wrapup.
      • State - Shows data referring the agent state during a session. In here you will find how many time an agent was Available, Busy, Idle, in Preview, in Wrapup and Logged.
      • Activity - Shows data referring the Activity of an Agent during time. The activities will appear in the graph legend.
    • To browse through the different data, select the corresponding tab.
    • Export the graphs to print, to images, or to .csv files, by clicking in export.png.
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