CDR Office Phone reports

In the CDR reports window you can find entries with details for any call. By default Nubitalk will show the current day calls. Here you can find the following information about each call:

  • Start Time - The beginning date and time of a call.
  • From - The phone number or origin of the call.
  • To - The phone number that received the call.
  • Ring - The amount of time the call ringed before being picked up.
  • Duration - The total duration of the call, including ringing time.
  • Direction - The direction of the call. If it was made from the Office Phone or to the Office Phone.
  • Routed By - Shows who routed the call from the Office Phone extension to the final contact number.
  • Transferred - Shows, through a check mark if the call was transferred or not.
  • Recordings - Shows, through a check mark if the call was recorded or not.



Filtering the reports information

You have several criterion to filter the reports result. You can use the following to narrow your results:

  • Define the period of time of reports you wanna see by clicking in both start and end dates  and selecting your start and end date from the calendars cdr_date.png.
  • Choose a specific timezone by clicking in cdr_timezone.pngand selecting a timezone from the drop-down.
  • Filter the reports by a specific entity (Group, Extension or IVR). To do it, click in filterby.png and select an Entity from the drop-down.
  • Search for a specific interaction in the search box. To do it, type the desired terms in the search box and then click in the search icon cdr_free_search.png.
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