Bring your own SIP Trunk

Nubitalk enables you to bring your own SIP Trunk to the system, but, before configuring your own SIP Trunk, ensure that:

  • The numbering plan format shall be E.164 prefixed by +.
  • The IPs must be public/Visible if in a VPN
  • The firewall should barrier source requested IPs 
  • That your SIP Trunk can contact multiple public IP addresses, with a round-robin algorithm (for the list of these IPs, contact Collab).


Also, keep in mind the following restrictions:

  • Nubitalk supports the following RFCs:
    • SIP 2.0 - RFC3261
    • SDP - RFC2327
    • RTP - RFC3550
    • REFER - RFC3515


  • And the supported codecs are:
    • Audio: G711  alaw and ulaw
      • supported ptime is 20ms

  • DTMF tones:
    • DTMF tones must be over RTP according to IETF RFC 2833 (out band)

  • Also, the following following configurations are not supported by Nubitalk:
    • Multi-Part SDP
    • Silent suppression
    • Comfort noise
    • Separated VLANs for RTP and SIP. (The SIP and RTP should came through the same VLAN)


If you meet every condition, Nubitalk operations team will be more than glad to configure your SIP trunk. Please contact Collab for further information.

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