Integrating SugarCRM

To integrate SugarCRM in Nubitalk you must complete the following steps:

  1. Install and configure the SugarCRM Module
  2. Configure OAuth key
  3. Configure the OneContact Module User
  4. Configure Nubitalk campaigns
  5. Integrate Agents and Calls


Installing and configuring SugarCRM Module 

In order to complete the installation and configuration of the SugarCRM module follow the following instructions.  

Installing the SugarCRM module

To install the SugarCRM Module:

  1. Access the Nubitalk webportal
  2. Go to Support Downloads and click to download the SugarCRM module
  3. Login into your SugarCRM environment with an Administrator account
  4. Go to Administration Panel

  5. Scroll down to the Developer Tools section and select Module Loader

  6. In the Module Loader view, Browse for the downloaded file and click Upload

  7. When the module appear in the list, click in the Install  button.
  8. Click in Commit to confirm the installation.
  9. Follow the module installation and exit the Administrator Panel, when concluded.

Configuring the SugarCRM Module

After the module installation is complete, you should be able to find OneContact module configuration in the SugarCRM Administration Panel and configure it. To do it:

  1. Go to your SugarCRM portal, and select the Admin Panel.
  2. Scroll down and click in Configure OneContact settings
Note: If you see two fields with that name, go to the last one and click in Configure OneContact settings.


Here, you will have to configure the following fields: 

  1. Web Server URL - https://[tenant]-[reseller]
  2. OneContact instance - This should be filled with the tenant - reseller (if there's a reseller) name of your Nubitalk instance. 

  3. Click Save, to confirm your configurations. 



OAuth Key Configuration 

To configure your OAuth Key:

  1. Go to your Administration panel
  2. Go to System > OAuth Keys 

  3. Click on the drop-down arrow in the OAuth Keys menu option in the upper navigation bar and select Create OAuth Key 

  4. Fill in the form with the following information:
    1. Consumer Key Name - Give the key a name
    2. Consumer Key - Specify the key – Remember this! You might need it later
    3. Consumer Secret - Specify the secret – Remember this! You might need it later
    4. OAuth Version - OAuth 2.0
    5. Client Type - Sugar User 

  5. Click Save to create the key.


OneContact Module User configuration

To configure the OneContact Module User:

  1. Go to the Administration Panel
  2. Click in User Management
  3. Click in the Users menu option and select Create a new user

  4. In the form define:
    1. User Name - Define the User Name
    2. Status - Define the user status
    3. User Type - Select System Administrator User
    4. First/Last Name - Define the first and last name
    5. Email Address If you don’t have a tab to configure the user's credentials, then you probably have integrated an email system. Fill in the Email Address and select the Email Client you desire to use.

    6. Click Save to create your new user.

  5. After you create the user, the created user will receive an email with the credentials that should look like this: 


Warning: Save this users' credentials because they will be used to interact with this module.



Configuring Nubitalk campaigns 

At this point you have completed all necessary steps to integrate SugarCRM in your Nubitalk Campaigns. To do it:

  1. Create or Edit a campaign in your Nubitalk portal
  2. Configure or edit the campaign details, as you desire, until the Agent Script step
  3. In the Agent Script step, you must fill in the fields with the information collected in the previous steps, as explained in the following example:

    Then you must scroll for the remaining fields:

  4. After you have filled all the Agent Script fields, click in the Summary button. 

When all configurations are finished you can login in the Agent applications (OneAgentWeb, etc.) and have all interactions, that are in the context of a configured campaign, with the SugarCRM script automatically launched, as shown in the example below: 



Agent and Call integrations 

User Layout configuration 

To configure the user layout proceed as follow:

  1. In the SugarCRM Administrator Panel scroll down to Developer Tools and select Studio

  2. On the left you will see a navigation pane. Go down to Users > Layouts >EditView 

  3. Once the Edit screen is open,  you can drag and drop items at your left. These items can be added to the already formulated edit form.
    Drag OneContactInstance ID into your User form.
  4. Click Save & Deploy to complete the editing. 


Warning: The OneContactInstance ID corresponds to the agents emails/usernames that you define in Nubitalk when configuring agents. 

In order to create a "relation" between an agent and a SugarCRM user all you have to do is create a new user and assign it the OneContactInstance ID you have defined in Nubitalk.
Then, when you assign that agent to a campaign, when he receives a call all data should be loaded correctly along with this agent's SugarCRM information. 



Our integration updates the fields Business Outcome, Media Type and the Recording URL of the automatically to the call created by the integration upon a new interaction in OneContact. 

We suggest those fields to be added to the Record View layout of the Calls module. 




The integration searches in the fields Facebook Account, Twitter Account, Mobile, Office Phone, Other Phone, Home, Fax and Email. 

We suggest those fields to be present in the layout. 

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