Nubitalk Portal, February 07, 2018

Release Date

February 06, 2018



  • Do not force extensions to have neither DDI nor Outgoing Number


Fixed Issues

  • It's not possible to restore default configuration of a tenant without Office Phone
  • Sip trunk association to default site isn't available in site/sip trunk associations list
  • Account balance warning at the start of a new month
  • It should be possible to create a supervisor with the credentials of an agent
  • It's possible to disassociate a phone number assigned as an outgoing number
  • Price of a third party softphone extension is not correct
  • It's not possible to create Auto-attendants in tenants PBX-only
  • Updating an extension is setting Outgoing Number to "" instead of NULL
  • Changing background-color in Click2Interact customization is not working
  • Office Phone entities with invalid outgoing numbers
  • URL Domain missing from password recovery email
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