OneContactPortal's header and menu

OneContactPortal has two sections always visible:


OneContactPortal's header provides a toolbar that allows you to perform a series of actions:


Home_tab_expand.png Resize OneContactPortal's menu. Click to hide the menu's description (only the icons will be visible) or to show them.
Home_tab_Language.png Set OneContactPortal's language. Click to see the languages available.
Home_tab_User.png Click to access your profile.


On OneContactPortal menu, you have a list of actions set for your role:




Monitor campaigns


Manage users

Manage teams

Home_Menu_Campaigns.png Manage campaigns
Home_Menu_Auto-attendants.png Manage auto-attendants
Home_Menu_Distribution_groups.png Manage distribution groups
Home_Menu_Management.png Management
Home_Menu_system.png System



The search box allow you to shortlist the menu actions, in order to quickly get the action you want without the need to go through all the menu:

  1. Insert the action you're looking for. The menu hides all other actions.


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