Portability refers to the possibility of changing service provider keeping the same phone numbers. Collab will only address the provider portability. Keep in mind that in many cases there are limitations to the portability concerning geography, coverage and even technical limitations.


Documents required for the portability process:

  • LOA - Letter of Authorization: Written confirmation of authority to enter into a legally binding contract and take a specific action.
  • Certificate of Incorporation: Legal document relating to the formation of your company.
  • Identity Document: Document used to prove your identity.
  • Last invoice from the current provider.
Warning: Concerning the Letter of Authorization, be as specific as possible, to avoid delays or objections to the portability.
 Note: After the documents validation, a time window will be set for the portability to take place.


Most common causes for portability rejection:

  • Ownership or signatures don't match.
  • Identity document and signatures don't match.
  • Inactive number on the current provider.
  • Number is not portable.
  • Number is in a quarantine state.
  • Pending changes on current provider.
  • Incorrect access type.


This is an example of the portable numbers and restrictions, for Portugal. Similar conditions will apply worldwide:


  • Local numbers on landline (beginning with 2).
  • VoIP numbers (beginning with 30).

Not portable:

  • Numbers concerning temporary access.
  • Inactive numbers (for more than 3 months)
  • It's not possible to port a number on landline to a mobile number and vice-versa.
  • It's not possible to port a VoIP number to a landline local number or mobile number and vice-versa.


For more information on portability, or to start a portability process, please, contact us.

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