Manage skills

Skills are agility or special training in which a person has competence and experience. In the Nunibtalk context, it could be the ability to handle emails, instant messaging, video, or it could be languages skills as well. They represent the aptitude of every agent.

On the Skills page, you can:


Skills list

The Manage skills window shows a list of skills created, along with the selected information about them:


On the skills homepage you can:


To edit the information displayed:

  • Click on settings_icon.png to open the settings pop-up:
  • On the pop-up:
    • Click on the check box of the information you want displayed.
    • The selected columns have a Settings_pop-up_check.png and are presented on a list on top.
    • The unselected columns have a Settings_pop-up_uncheck.png and are present on a list below.
    • Click SAVE to apply changes.

The information available for selection is:

Name  -  Skill name.
Description  -  Skill description.
Users  -  Number of users with this skill.


To refresh the information displayed:

  • Click on Users_REFRESH.png.


To filter the information displayed:

  • Click on Users_filter.png.
  • Select a category from the drop-down menu.
  • On the selected category, click on Users_filtericon.png.
  • Select the desired itens.
Note: Click on Users_filternot.png to delete the filter.


To delete a skill:

  • Select the skill(s) by clicking on the row's checkbox.
  • On the top right-side of the screen, click on Users_delete.png to delete the skill(s).
  • Click on Users_actions.png on the skill's row.
  • Click on Delete from the drop-down menu.


To duplicate a skill:

  • Click on Users_actions.png on the skill's row.
  • Click on Duplicate from the drop-down menu.


Create Skill

Click on Skills_createbutton.png to open the Create skill pop-up window:


On the Create skill pop-up window:

  • Insert the skill name (mandatory).
  • Insert a skill description
  • Click SAVE to apply changes and close the pop-up window.
 Note: To know more on how to use skills, click here.

Edit Skill

 Click on the skill, on the list, to open the skill profile page:


On this page you can:


To edit skill information:

  • Click on User_profile_edit.png to open the Dial plan rules pop-up window:
  • On the Edit skill pop-up window:

    • Insert the skill name (mandatory).
    • Insert a skill description
    • Click EDIT to apply changes and close the pop-up window.


To manage users:

  • Click on Teams_adduser.pngto open the Add users pop-up window:
  • On the Add Users pop-up window:
    • Select the agents to add the skill too, by clicking on the checkbox.
    • Click on ADD USERS, to apply changes and close the pop-up window.
  • Click on Users_actions.png to access the drop down-menu, where you can:
    • Edit skill level:
      • On the Edit users skill pop-up window:
        • Move the bar to adjust the agent's proficiency.
        • Click EDIT to apply changes and close the pop-up window.
    • Remove the agent:
      • Click REMOVE on the pop-up window to confirm and close the pop-up window.
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