Managing administratror

Click on the administrator, on the list, to open the Administrator profile:


On the extension page, you can:


Edit administrator information

Click on User_profile_edit.png to open the Edit administrator pop-up window:



On the pop-up window:

  • Drag an image file or click to upload the image file associated with the user.
  • Insert a username (mandatory).
  • Insert the user's full name.
  • Select if authentication is a single step process or if it requires a personal contact as a second step verification.
  • Insert the user's personal contact (it will be mandatory if 2 step verification is selected).
  • Select if user is allowed to log in.
  • Select the user's profile from the drop-down menu (mandatory)
  • Click SAVE to apply changes and close the pop-up window.


Edit administrator profile

Click on Users_actions.png to open the drop-down menu:


On the drop-down menu you can (when available):

  • Reset password - If the user forgot his password, reset it, so he can choose a new one.
  • Duplicate - Duplicate the user profile.
  • Delete - Delete the user. 
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