Creating flows

The behavior screen is composed of:



Flow toolbar

On the Flow toolbar you have:

  • flow_open.png - Open a previous saved project.
  • flow_save.png - Save the flow project.
  • flow_download.png - Import a xml file. 
  • flow_check.png - Check the script for errors.
  • flow_script.png - Downloads the xml script.
  • flow_center.png - Center the image (fitting to screen).
  • flow_expand.png - Expand the design area (click on flow_resize.png to go back to the previous view).



Flow components

The following table displays the flow components per flow type:

  Initial Service Queue Post Call
Start X X X X
End X X X X
Flow X X X X
Trace X X X X
Set Business Outcome   X X X
WebTrace X X X X
SetVariables X X X X
Add Databag X X X X
Get Databag X X X X
Remove Databag X X X X
Control Flow        
If X X X X
Switch X X X X
Calendar X X X X
Wait X X X X
Call Management        
Assign Service X X X  
Reject X X X  
Transfer X X X X
Enqueue   X X  
Reenqueue     X  
Dequeue     X  
No Agent     X  
Continue     X  
Continue to     X  
Say X X X  
Play X X X  
Gather X X X  
Ask X X X  
Menu X X X  
Record Audio X X X  
Record Screen X X X  
Reschedule   X X X
Send X X X X
Reply X X X X
Forward X X X X
Webservice X X X X
Check Intent X X X X
Get Parameter X X X X
Dialog Flow Bot X X X X
Voice Authentication X X X X
Note: To know more about each component, click here.


Flow design area

The design area is a blank canvas where you can determine what kind of flow you want to create. It only has a start component, where all your flows begin.

On the right menu bar, you have all the components grouped into categories.

On the design area you can:


To place a component in your flow area:

  1. Click on the desired category.
  2. Drag and drop the desired component. 
    Note: Once on the design area, you can move the component wherever you want by clicking on it and dragging it through the design area.


To connect the components: 

  1. Click on the right down corner of the component.
  2. Drag the line to the top left corner of the desired component.


To configure the components: 

  1. Click on the desired component.
  2. The components menu, on the right side of the screen, is replaced by the component configuration card:
  3. Fill the component card with the required information.



Component error

If a component is not properly configured or connected, the errors will be displayed:


Fix the errors displayed in order to save the project and create a functional flow.



To remove a component from the design area:

  1. Click on the component to highlight it.
  2. Click on Flow_remove.png to remove the component.
  3. Click DELETE on the confirmation pop-up.




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