Campaign monitoring

On the campaign monitoring page you have access to real-time information about the campaign.


On the campaign monitoring page you can see:

  • Interactions waiting - Displays the amount of interactions in queue waiting to be delivered to an agent.
  • Calls per hour - Displays the average number of calls handled per hour.
  • Oldest waiting - Displays the longest a call is waiting in queue to be handled.
  • Waiting time - Displays the average waiting time for a call to be handled by an agent.
  • Number of agents - Displays the number of agents per status:
    • Realtime_agentstatus_green.png - Ready/idle: Agents ready to receive an interaction.
    • Realtime_agentstatus_blue.png - Preview: Agents previewing the contact of an outbound call. This is valid for Preview Outbound campaigns.
    • Realtime_agentstatus_red.png - Busy: Agents handling an interaction.
    • Realtime_agentstatus_yellow.png - Wrapper: Agents wrapping up an interaction.
    • Realtime_agentstatus_gray.png - Not ready/idle : Agents not ready on any service.
  • Call duration - Displays the average expected time, for an incoming interaction, to be answered by an agent.
  • Handled calls - Displays the amount of handled calls.
  • Nuisance ratio - Displays the nuisance ratio in the selected contact lists (number of hung up calls as a percentage of the launched calls).
  • Abandon rate - Displays the average of abandoned calls, by the clients.
  • Business outcomes - Displays metrics of business outcomes, as determined for the campaign.
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