Manage campaign groups

On campaign groups you can create groups of campaigns so the reports can display the values of the group instead of the campaigns individually. This allows you to group campaigns that make sense (E.g. type, theme, agents or other) and get global reports.




Click on Management_createcampgroup_button.png to open the campaign group pop-up window:


On the pop-up window:

  • Insert the campaign group name.
  • Click SAVE to apply changes.


Click on User_profile_actions.pngto edit the campaign group profile:


On the pop-up window you can:

  • Delete the campaign group.


Click on User_profile_edit.png, on DETAILS, to open the campaign group details pop-up window:


On the campaign group details pop-up window:

  • Insert the campaign group name.
  • Click SAVE to apply changes.


Click on User_profile_edit.png, on Campaigns, to open the campaigns pop-up window:


On the campaigns pop-up window:

  • Click on Management_addcampg_but.png to open the add campaigns pop-up window:
  • On the pop-up window:
    • Select the desired campaigns.
    • Click Add campaigns to apply changes and close the pop-up window.
  • Click on Management_cross.png to close the pop-up window.


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