System variables

System variables are variables containing information about a OneContact instance. You always have access to these in every script, so they do not need to be explicitly declared (e.g. number of Agents available).

System variables are read-only, so you cannot assign them a new value using the assign var node.

System variables list:

Variable Type Description
Agentsready integer Number of ready agents in current service.
ANI string Session ANI (origin address).
availableagents integer Number of available agents in current service.
CallsQueued integer Number of calls waiting in queue.
Contact integer Contact’s ID.
CurrentContext_ServiceID integer Current context service ID.
CurrentContext_ServiceName string Current context service name.
CurrentContext_SessionID integer Current context session ID.
CurrentContext_SiteID integer Current context site ID.
DNIS string Called address.
DTMFBuffer string DTMF buffer. Contains a sequence of DTMFs entered by a client.
ExpectedWaitingTime double Expected waiting time in seconds for the interaction to be attended by a Call Center agent.
IMBuffer string Instant Messaging buffer. Contains the text input by the client received after a Prompt operation.
isBlocked boolean True when the session is blocked in the current service (blockedlisted).
LastAgentID integer ID of the last agent who handled the call.
LastRecordedFile string Last recorded file pathname.
ListID integer Second part of the key (with contact).
localagentsready integer Number of ready agents in local instance (non workforce)
loggedagents integer Number of agents logged in an instance
MediaType string Session media type.
Allowed values are: Video, Audio, IM, Email, IMAudio, IMVideo, Facebook, Twitter and Unknown
QueuePosition long Interactions queue position.
ServiceState string Service State: allowed values are Started, Stopped and Suspended.
SipData string Interaction SIP data passed using SIP messages. This data can be passed to the system by an external system for example or written in by OneContact’s router component.
TimeInQueue double Time waiting in queue.
Type string Session type. Allowed values are: Inbound, Manual, Power, Preview and Predictive.


This list of system variables for e-mail handling is:

Variable Type Description
From string Email From URI: e-mail addresses of the author of this message
Sender string Email interaction Sender field: e-mail address of the user or agent that actually submits the message
To string Email interaction To field: contains a list of principal (To) recipients for this message
Cc string Email interaction Cc field: The informational carbon copy (Cc) recipients for this message
Bcc string Email interaction Bcc field: The blind carbon copy (Bcc) recipients for this message
Subject string Email interaction Subject field: The subject of the message
TextBody string Email interaction TextBody field: The plain text representation of the body of this message
HTMLBody string Email interaction HtmlBody field: The Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) representation of the body of this message
HasAttachments Boolean True if the e-mail message contains attachments. This property is read-only
DateReceived DateTime The date/time this e-mail message was delivered to the server. This property is read-only
DateSent DateTime The date/time this e-mail message was submitted to the server. This property is read-only
Receiver string The e-mail address of the receiver of this message
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